Pairing your Ledger Nano X

Background info:

You can now choose to create accounts within the Algorand Wallet that are backed by a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet. This means that your private keys never even touch the phone. Transactions from your Ledger-backed account will require authorization by your Ledger Nano X.


While we're excited to offer the security-enhancing integration with Ledger Nano X, please be aware that Ledger is a 3rd party tool / application. We will always offer support where we can, but these are advanced workflows and should be undertaken at your own risk. There might be times when you'll need to work with Ledger support in order to understand your specific questions. You can also read more about Ledger on their website. We encourage it!

Ledger Nano X Setup:

Before we jump into the Algorand Wallet workflows, you'll need to set up your Ledger Nano X device. Full instructions can be found on the Ledger Support site.  

Once you've completed your Ledger Nano X setup, you must download the Algorand app on Ledger Live and install it on your Nano X device. Once you have this app installed and open, you're ready to begin pairing.

Pair your Ledger Nano X

1. From your account view, tap the green + icon to add a new account.

2. From here, tap the Pair Ledger Account option to begin the pairing process.

At this point in the pairing, please make sure you have your Ledger Nano X turned on, and open the device's Algorand app. You'll be able to see additional troubleshooting steps in Step #3.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen and then tap Search for Ledger

4. Tap Connect next to your found device.

You'll now be prompted to select the account or accounts you'd like to add. If this is a new Ledger device, you'll only have 1 account to choose from. If you've created multiple Algorand accounts on your Ledger device (or utilized Algorand's rekeying feature), you may see multiple accounts come up.

5. Select the account(s) you'd like to add to your Algorand Wallet.

6. That's it! You should see your newly added account on the homepage

Additional Info:

  • Treat your Ledger Nano X's recovery passphrase as you would a normal Algorand Account's recovery passphrase. If you lose your Ledger Nano X device, the only way to recover your account will be using the passphrase you got from the Nano X setup.
  • Whenever you send transactions, add assets, or interact with the blockchain using this account, you'll need to have this device handy.