Algorand’s official wallet, built by the team that brought you the Algorand Blockchain

Securely manage your Algorand assets while earning rewards

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Hold, transact, and manage your assets all in one place

  • Review your account holdings at a glance without the need to toggle between accounts
  • See the exact value for Algos held in your wallet with in-app calculations
  • Easily send and receive Algos and review 
transaction histories
Learn how to create your first Algorand account

Earn rewards automatically by holding Algos

  • Start earning rewards as soon as you have Algos in your wallet
  • See claimed reward transactions and download your transaction history
  • See your Algo balance grow over time!
Learn how to create or recover an Algorand account

Customize the Algorand Wallet to fit your needs

  • Configure color scheme, rewards displays, and notifications
  • Personalize your account with your native language
  • Choose your preferred currency for in-app calculations
Learn more about how to customize Algorand Wallet

More Key Features

Never miss a transfer or update with notifications

Developers can test assets & transactions before going to MainNet with MainNet <> TestNet toggle

Full and automatic integration with user defined tokens

Direct access to the latest features of the Algorand Blockchain

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