June 1st, 2021

Algorand Wallet Release 4.9

The newest version of the Algorand Wallet has officially hit the app stores on iOS and Android! This release introduces two big features along with a handful of enahancements and bug fixes. 

Main Features

Rewards are no longer a blackbox! Over the past few months, we’ve received feedback that the rewards calculation within the app wasn’t very clear. In this newest release, we’ve revamped how we display rewards. Now, you can see your pending rewards and overall rewards tick up in real time, directly on the card layout. This means it’s also easier to notice your rewards being “claimed” when your account is involved in a transaction. 

Rewards now tick up in real time.

We’ve also added graphs that show the price of an Algo over various time horizons so you can analyze the Algo’s overall performance! This means you can see the current value of the Algo and historic price data for the Algo over a year, month, day, or hour. For the time being, price data is only available in USD but we are actively working on supporting other currencies. 

You can now view Algo price at a specific time.


  • We’ve improved the flow when changing your Watch account to a normal account. Previously you had to remove your watch account, and then recover the account in order to switch it to a normal account. Now, you can recover straight from the home page without removing your watch account first.
  • You can now directly view your transaction in AlgoExplorer using the link provided in the transaction details. 

Bug Fixes

This latest release addresses the following issues: 

  • Assets that were previously deleted still show up in the account view. 
  • Contacts weren’t immediately saved. 

What’s next? 

We’re working on a few exciting new updates for upcoming versions including a way to integrate with dApps as well as revamping the look of the wallet so that we can support exciting new features on our roadmap! In the meantime, please reach out with any feedback and feature requests. We love hearing from you all and what would be most beneficial to you! 

-- Algorand Wallet Team