What is the Algorand Wallet?

The Algorand Wallet is the fast, simple, secure, and official way to transact on the Algorand Blockchain. Created and maintained by the same team that actively maintains the Algorand protocol, the Algorand Wallet will always be the first to give you the latest and greatest Algorand features.

Our goal is to provide intuitive ways to transact on the Algorand Blockchain for both experienced crypto users as well as newcomers to the space. We pride ourselves on focusing on the features that provide the most value to our users and community.

Transact on the Algorand Blockchain

Send, receive, or HODL Algos and Algorand Standard Assets.

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Earn Algo Rewards

Automatically earn rewards, just by having Algos in your accounts!

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Optional Security Enhancements

Take advantage of our Ledger Nano X integration to add unparalleled security to your wallet.

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Develop applications using Algorand Wallet

Use our built-in TestNet support to test out applications, assets, smart contracts, and more!

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View Real-time Fiat Conversion

See what your Algos are worth in any currency, in real-time.

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Get the latest news from the Algorand Wallet team

Stay in touch with the latest features, developments, tools, and releases.

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