Finding your Algorand Address

Background Info

An address is the public identifier of an account. You can think of this as analogous to a bank account number or a phone number (for certain payment apps such as Venmo, etc.). Each account's address will look something like this:


You'll use this address to deposit Algos and other assets to your Algorand Wallet. You'll also use this to share with other people or apps if they want to send you assets. These addresses can be shared via copy/paste or by sharing a QR representation of the address (as you'll see below).

Finding an account's address

On the Accounts view, locate an account in your Algorand Wallet. In this example, we'll share an address of an account called "New Account (Demo)"

1. Tap the QR icon next to your account name.

2. From here, tap Share QR to share your QR or you can copy your address.

Additional Notes:

  • Always use copy and paste (or QR share) when sending/sharing your address. Manually typing out the address is extremely error prone and can cause loss of funds.