Finding Your Recovery Passphrase

Background Info:

While we highly encourage you to back up your recovery passphrase during account creation (see Creating an Algorand Account), if you skipped this step you can still find your account's 25-word recovery passphrase within the app.

This is a tutorial for finding your recovery passphrase, which means you must have an account created to follow along. If you haven't created an account yet, start with the link mentioned above.

Finding Your Recovery Passphrase:

1. Tap the 3 dots next to one of your accounts.

2. From the options, select View Passphrase.

And that's it! Make sure you don't view your passphrase where a person or a video camera could be watching! For more information on how to back up your recovery passphrase safely and securely, check out our tutorial on Backing up your Recovery Passphrase