April 20th, 2021

Algorand Wallet Release 4.8

Hey Algorand Community!

We've got another release coming today that should hit your phones either today (April 20) or tomorrow. The big theme for Release 4.8 is to make sure we have a really smooth and supportive onboarding process. Setting up and transacting with crypto accounts can be daunting, and in our previous iterations, we took some of this for granted for users who are new to the space. This led to a large number of support inquiries having to do with lost passphrases, questions about recovery, Watch Account errors, etc. In today's release, we hope to help users safely and easily set up their Algorand accounts, and hopefully prevent some of the simple mistakes that we've previously seen.

What's in 4.8?

So what does that mean for the Algorand Wallet? You'll notice some small changes to the basic workflows that exist in the wallet today. Specifically, we changed the Account Creation, Recovery Passphrase Backup, and Watch Account workflows to be more guided and full of helpful information. Users will also always have an opportunity in those workflows to navigate to algorandwallet.com if they need additional help. The corresponding tutorials have all been updated to show the new screens, and we hope you'll check them out in our support center!

What's next?

We continue to receive a mountain of feedback and feature requests every day (keep'em coming!), and this next release aims to address the most requested features. In 4.9, we're going to be reworking how we display the rewards you earn for holding Algos in the Algorand Wallet as well as adding more detailed Algo price information. We'll have a few other small fixes and iterative improvements, but we'll of course highlight those in the next update!

Until next time!

The Algorand Wallet Team